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PLTW-Computer Science Principles

Welcome to the 1st of 3 classes in the PLTW-Computer Science Pathway!  Computer Science Principles (CSP) is your introduction to learning how to read and write CODE.  In today's digital age this skill, computer programming/coding, is such an important need in the world.  
Students will begin to learn the basics of computational thinking and coding.  We start by using programs like Scratch.  This is a great program to begin the learning journey.  With this program we will create games, animate characters, use if-then statements and more!
MIT App Inventor is another program that students will be introduced to.  While learning this program students will create and modify mobile apps that they can download onto Android based tablets and phones!  This is a great way for students to share what they are learning and creating.
Students will also begin to learn the Python computer programming language.  We will use this program to perform a wide variety of tasks to expand student capabilities from simple calculations to gathering, organizing and presenting data from the Internet.