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2020 Testing Updates

Advanced Placement Updates

Updates as of 5/1/2020

College Board has just released an updated 2020 AP Testing Guide. Please review and share with staff and students as needed.


Here are a few highlights:

  • Students need a May e-ticket for each exam (sent 2 days before)
  • If student has a conflict, don’t use May e-ticket and students will receive a June e-ticket for makeup testing. Students with a disrupted test in May will be able to request a June e-ticket (see more info below)
  • Be sure of correct time zone (tests are 9am, 11am and 1pm PST)
  • There is a whole sections on what students can expect on the exam from devices to submitting answers
  • Music Theory and World Languages will require an app on your phone.
  • Student checklist
    • Review contact information
    • Check technology
    • Practice submitting response – May 4 AP Exam Demo ( – use the word PRACTICE
    • Gather what’s needed for each exam
    • Receive exam confirmation and e-ticket emails


Testing with Accommodations:

  • Students with approved accommodations don't need to submit any further requests.
  • Extended time will be provided through the online exam.
  • Online AP Exams will be compatible with assistive technology (e.g., screen-reader software) and zoom functionality in a browser.
  • Students approved for screen-reader software should ensure it works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge because internet Explorer can't be used for AP testing.
  • Students approved to use specific devices or aids may use what they have access to at home.
  • Students approved for a reader or scribe may be assisted by a family or household member while testing.
  • Temporary Afflictions: A student who has a temporary medical or physical condition (e.g., an injured hand) may request temporary assistance if needed to take the exam. Review details at


The makeup testing request form is ONLY for students who test in May, encounter issues, and need another opportunity to test.

[Note: Students that already have known conflicts with the May dates can test in June simply by not using their May e-ticket – they will automatically be issued a June e-ticket.]

Requesting a Makeup Exam:

. • If you have any issue on exam day that prevents you from testing successfully, you’ll be directed to an online AP Makeup Testing Request Form where you can describe what happened and request an e-ticket for a June makeup exam.

• You can also access the form at

• You must have your original e-ticket when filling out the form

. • Submit the form within 48 hours of your original exam date.

• We will review your form and send you an email approving or denying the request the week of May 25. If approved, your makeup e-ticket will be sent two days before the makeup test.

• Do not call AP Services; the pandemic has closed call centers and you will simply hear a message directing you to fill out the form and await the approval email.

• Rest assured that you will receive approval for any of the following types of issues you encounter, or similar ones: sickness; significant interruptions from family members; battery failures; power outages; technical disruptions. Note: simply running out of time to submit a response on exam day is not a valid reason to request makeup testing.


Students please read the following resources to prepare for test day:

2020 AP Testing Guide (attached below and to the right)

2020 AP Exam Day Checklist (attached below and to the right)

2020 AP Explainer Videos - playlist


  • All AP Exams will be delivered online directly to you this year. 
  • You will be emailed exam information at the email address that you provided in your College Board student account. 
    • It is very important to verify that you can access the email address you provided for your account from home.
  • Exams will be timed at 45 minutes with some additional upload time as appropriate.
  • AP Exams are being offered May 11–22. Please prepare to take your test on the day and time given for your subject exam (see schedule below). Makeup dates are available June 1–5 for those that experience difficulties on the original test dates.
  • You will sign in for the exam about 30 minutes prior to your test time on the date you are testing to follow the information provided by the AP Program.
  • If you do not sign in to take the test on the original test date or the make up test date then you will have chosen not to take the test and will be refunded for your exam. 
  • You will access the exam and submit your response using a smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer as appropriate for your subject exam. AP Spanish Language and AP French Language exams can not be done on Chromebooks because they have an additional app to download and other details for technology so please be in touch with your teacher so you are ready with the proper equipment you will need.
  • CollegeBoard will provide you with information on how to access the testing system along with video demonstrations so that you can familiarize yourself with the system before test day. Be sure to check the website and your email for this information.
  • College Board will be offering a test run for online testing and you should have received at least 1 communication from College Board specific to your exam. 

Please be sure you communicate any questions you have to your AP teacher as you prepare for the test. We are all here to make sure you are prepared with what you need to successfully take your AP exam. 


SAT Testing – cancelled through the summer.

If it’s safe from a public health standpoint, CollegeBoard will provide weekend SAT administrations every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August. This includes a new administration in September and the previously scheduled tests on August 29, October 3, November 7, and December 5.

Students can register for these administrations starting in May. CollegeBoard will contact students directly when we have the exact date. 

Students can get early access to register for August, September, and October if they’re:

  • Already registered for June
  • In the high school class of 2021 and don’t have SAT scores

SAT fee waiver codes will be made available in the download center of the College Board K–12 reporting portal for use starting with the September 26 SAT administration. Fee waiver cards won't be mailed to schools.


ACT Testing – April 4 test rescheduled for June 13th.

· All students registered for the April 4 test date will receive an email from ACT informing them of the postponement and instructions for free rescheduling to June 13. Students who can’t or don’t wish to reschedule may receive a refund of their April registration fee.


The California Department of Education (CDE) is doing the following:

o Suspending all CAASPP testing – preliminary federal approval, open to public comment

o Canceling the California High School Proficiency Examination test administration for the weekend of March 21st. All March test takers have been reregistered for June or provided information on how to request a refund.

o Placing high school equivalency testing on hold until testing centers are reopened