Titan Quest

At Frontier High School, we are proud to be Titans and believe that all Titans can achieve the #TitanQuest with the mission to exceed expectations through the pursuit of excellence.
Every Tuesday is Titan Tuesday, and we will share a
short lesson about the Titan Virtues: 
These lessons are designed to be short, meaningful, and to encourage our
staff and students to pursue excellence through
Students can be recognized for exemplifying these virtues. All staff have access to Titan Tickets and Titan Wristbands and recognize students for positive behavior in the classroom and on campus.
Titan Quest
Our Frontier Tiered Support Team takes the TFI as a group to measure our implementation across one, two, or all three tiers, all in one survey. The survey is perfect for checking in on our PBIS efforts, for creating action plans for improvement, and for monitoring our implementation progress over time.