About Us

Frontier High School is a high-performing school with a unique and compelling combination of excellence in academics and culture.  The school features both traditional and innovative course offerings that emphasize rigor and excellence.  Caring and dedicated instructors, who participate in Professional Learning Community (PLC) teams, present these courses and work within the school to ensure student progress.  The comprehensive school program is highlighted by a locally, state and nationally recognized agriculture program, an outstanding career technical education program, and an award winning visual and performing arts program. Frontier encourages students to seek success in a positive, safe environment, which fosters intellectual and personal growth of all students. At Frontier, individual and cultural diversity is endorsed and supported so that all students achieve at their highest level. 


Frontier, a relatively new school, is rich in traditions of excellence in academics, while offering highly competitive and successful athletic and co-curricular programs to students. Titan students consistently earn awards in the areas of band, drum line, choir, FFA, art, photography, film, Academic Decathlon, Forensics, and athletics. More than sixty-six clubs and student organizations provide opportunities for service and deepening interests for students.  Additionally, staff members at Frontier take great pride in challenging students to exceed expectations in citizenship, academics, athletics, and in the arts. The fundamental belief that great achievements are possible through hard work and improvement is an idea that is represented by the mantra of Titan Quest, and it permeates throughout the school and community. Tremendous time and effort has been expended to make Frontier an enviable high school educational experience. As a result of parent, community, staff and student collaborations, “Titan Pride” has become more than just a catchphrase; it is a way of life at Frontier High School.