College and Career Center

The College/Career Center is located in the Administration building next to the counseling offices.  The College/Career Center is an outstanding resource for students and parents regarding high school, college and career planning.  Students have a variety of materials, services and information available to help assist them.  Parents are welcome too!  Below are just some of the many services and resources you can find in the College/Career Center:

  • Explore college/career options and criteria
  • Assistance with college applications
  • Assistance with career planning
  • Work permit applications
  • Armed services information
  • Community service opportunities
  • Employment opportunities
  • ROP information
    1. Attention all sophomore and junior students planning to take ROP next year, there is  an application on the ROP website that must be completed to even be considered.  If you have any questions, see Mrs. Escobar in the Career Center.
  • Testing Information
  • Scholarship information
  • Assistance with a counseling appointment
  • Concurrent enrollment information: (You are able to take classes at a college while in high school once approved by Frontier administration )
    1. CSUB Enterprise College is a three-week summer course in economics.  Students learn principles of economics with application to social issues.  They also learn the essentials of leadership.  The course meets the standards for both the senior-year high school course and an introductory college economics course.  Applications for CSUB Enterprise College are in Career Center.


Seniors:  Are you planning on attending Bakersfield College?  Sign-up for these on campus events:

  • BC Orientation held on campus at Frontier
  • BC Placement Assessment held on campus at Frontier
  • BC Counseling Appointment held on campus at Frontier
  • Final BC Counseling Appointment held on campus at Frontier