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Support Staff

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Mrs. Avila Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. Boen-Padilla Behaviorist  Email

Mrs. Callagy Behaviorist  Email

Mr. Casteneda Inst. Assistant  Email

Mr. Davis Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. Gonzales Psychologist

Mrs. Gover Speech Language  Email

Mr. Gutierrez Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. Jackson Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. Maxwell Speech Language  Email

Mrs. Martinez Bilingual Clerical Specialist  Email

Mr. Palos Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. Parrent Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. Phillips Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. Vinsant Inst. Assistant  Email

Mrs. West Inst. Assistant  Email


Special Education   Mission

The purpose of our department is to provide quality instruction for the   students with special needs. This will be accomplished by using the most   modern curriculum available. We will focus on student advocacy, keep abreast   of current trends, adhere to legal mandates, provide a support system for   each other, and be accountable for successful completion of our mission.


Special   Education Programs

Resource Specialist Program:

Program   for learning disabled students in reading, math and study skills while   mainstreamed in general courses.

Special Day Class Program:

Curriculum   in a self-contained setting focusing on reading, math, life skills and   vocational education.

Autism Program:

The   Autism Classes are designed to meet the needs of students having Autism   Spectrum Disorders. A variety of research-based methodologies are the basis   for the teaching strategies used. Curriculum and instruction include   functional academics, daily living skills, social skills development, and   school and community integration with an emphasis on communication and   behavior management.