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Physical Education

 Frontier High School

Physical Education



Detailed information regarding our department policies and procedures can be found in the attachments at the bottom of the page. 



Please see the assignments listed at the bottom of this page 


Frequently asked questions:  


What is the PE dress code? 

Shirt: Solid royal blue T-shirt. No stripes, patterns, prints, ect.

               *Non-Frontier logos must be smaller than 2 inches in size


Shorts: Solid Black. No stripes, patterns, prints,

               *Non-Frontier logos must be smaller than 2 inches in size


Sweats: Tops: Solid, royal blue or black sweatshirt WITH the blue t-shirt underneath.

           Bottoms: Solid black sweat pants, leggings, yoga pants. No stripes, patterns, prints, ect 

             *Non-Frontier logos must be smaller than 2 inches in size


Shoes: Tennis/athletic shoes
Hats: No Hats (sun protection hats with wide brim permitted outside -solid, plain black only)
Logos: All non-Frontier logos must be smaller than 2 inches in size

PE Uniform Grading:

  • Please see your students’ SYNERGY account for specific uniform deductions
What if I forgot my PE clothes?
  • Each of the PE offices (boys' and girls') offer loaners for students to borrow for the period. It is the students' responsibility to check out the clothes and return them to the offices at the end of the PE period. Students may borrow up to three times per semester.
  • Students who are "non-suits" and did not take the offer to borrow loaner clothes are sent to the Dean's office after roll call. Students who are not dressed in the proper PE uniform are not permitted in the PE area. 
How do I make up an absence?
  • Make ups are offered TUESDAYs & THURSDAYs ONLY at lunch during the first 10 minutes. Students report to the boys' PE office (#418) and check in with Mr. Bentley by 10:45 am. 
* Please see attachment below for more detail
Can I know my current grade?
  • Freshman PE grades are updated daily in the Synergy system. Please log in to your Parentvue/Studentvue account to find your most updated grade. 

PE Department Staff:

Mr. Bentley: Freshman PE

Mr. Evans: Freshman PE/Sophomore PE/ Essentials of Personal Fitness

Mr. Franciotti: Fitness

Mrs. Hannigan: Freshman PE

Mrs. Kessler: Sophomore PE/Dance

Mr. Lewis: Sophomore PE/ Fitness