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Physical Education

FHS PE Mission Statement
The mission of this Physical Education department is to provide students with opportunities to develop an optimal level of physical fitness. It is our goal to expose the students to a variety of fitness activities that can serve as a foundation for healthy, lifelong fitness.

Core Physical Education is designed to satisfy the California State Physical Education requirement of 4 semesters of Physical Education.

Course Sequence
Core 9 PE
Core 10 PE
Dance (Elective) 9-12
Co-Ed Elective PE 9-12

Physical Education Expectations

Students will be on time to class.
Students will be properly dressed for class.
Students will actively participate daily in activities.
Students will participate to the best of their ability daily.
Adhere to the virtues of Titan Quest
Titan Quest
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Productive
Be Safe
Possible Activities:

Pickle Ball                         Over The Line

Badminton                         Basketball

Volley Tennis                       Tumbling

Dance                                        Soccer

Ultimate Frisbee                    Tennis

Volleyball                                Golf

Hawaiian Football                Kickball

Capture the flag            Cooperative Games

Fitness focused workouts     



Locker Room Policies/Safety Precautions:

  • It is suggested that students do not bring valuable items to the locker room.
  • Students will be checked out a school issued PE lock to lock up their personal belongings. Students who lose their locks will be responsible to replace the cost of the lock through the finance office and will be issued a new one with proof of payment.
  • Students are warned to be careful that they are not observed while using their combination.
  • Students are warned not to share their locker and only use their assigned locker.
  • Students are warned to check that their lock is secured prior to leaving the locker room by spinning the dial and pulling down the lock.
  • Students are warned not to leave their lockers open and unattended.
  • Students are warned not to leave large sums of money and valuables in their lockers.
  • Students are warned not to leave their backpacks unattended in the locker rooms or gym.
  • Students are warned to stay IN the locker room until dismissed before and after class.
  • No Horseplay

PE Dress Code:


  • Shirt: Solid royal blue T-shirt. No stripes, patterns, prints, ect.
    •       Non-Frontier logos must be smaller than a fist
  • Shorts: Solid Black. No stripes, patterns, prints,
    •        Non-Frontier logos must be smaller than a fist
  • Sweats: Tops: Solid, royal blue or black sweatshirt WITH the blue t-shirt underneath.

                Bottoms: Solid black sweat pants, leggings, yoga pants. No stripes, patterns, prints, ect.

  •        Non-Frontier logos must be smaller than a fist
  • Shoes: Tennis/athletic shoes
  • Hats: No Hats (sun protection hats with wide brim permitted outside -solid, plain black only)
  • Logos: All non-Frontier logos must be smaller than a fist in size
  • PE Uniform Grading:
    •        Color non (CN)-suit-student is marked down for having wrong uniform colors (2/4)
    •        Non suit (N or NS)-student is not dressed in PE uniform (0/4)
    •        Please see your students’ SYNERGY account for specific uniform deductions

Department offers daily loaners for students (checked out in each PE office), we also can provide long term loaners if students need to borrow for more than 1 day.

Makeups:  Students are required to make up any/all absences other than school related/activity absences.  Students are required to schedule a makeup session with their individual teacher. *Note- some Saturday makeup sessions may be available during the school year (dates TBD).


*Freshman classes: Make ups are offered daily at lunch during the first 10 minutes. Occasional "in-class" make ups will be offered on Fridays throughout the school year. 


Grading Policy
Weighted Grading Scale
10% Cognitive/Skill
50% Participation/Responsibility
40% Fitness

PE Department Staff:

Mr. Bentley: Freshman PE

Mrs. Hannigan: Freshman PE

Mrs. Kessler: Sophomore PE/Dance

Mr. Lewis: Sophomore PE/ Strong Body