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Fog Delay Procedures

Frontier Fog Delay Information

All efforts will be made to call a delay no later than 5:45 am in order to meet the 6:00am news.  If a delay of 2 hours is deemed necessary, please note the following:

  • Delays will be called for “all high schools in the Greater Bakersfield area”
  • Delays will not be called for individual high schools
  • Schools will operate on a regular schedule, unless otherwise notified
    • In the event that a fog delay is called on a day that was scheduled as a Late Start, the Fog Delay schedule will be followed and the late start will be rescheduled
    • Parents and students should follow local radio and television stations when weather conditions indicate the possibility of a delay
    • You can also check for delays here:
  • In the event that the Kern High School District DOES NOT CALL A DELAY and the ROSEDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT does:
    • Frontier Bus Routes 9, 10, 14, 17, 24, 26 will be delayed 2 hours for all stops
    • Vista West Route 9 will be delayed 2 hours
    • Ruggenberg Career Center will be delayed 2 hours for all of the above routes

2 Hour Fog Delay Schedule

Delay 7:35-9:35 120

Period 1 9:35-10:12 37

Period 2 10:18-10:55 37

Period 3 11:01-11:41 40 (Flag Salute)

Period 4 L 11:41-12:19 38 (9/10)

Period 4 11:47-12:24 37

Period 5 L 12:25-1:02 38 (11/12)

Period 6 1:08-1:46 38

Period 7 1:52-2:30 38