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Fog Delay Procedures

Frontier Fog Delay Information

All efforts will be made to call a delay no later than 5:45am in order to meet the 6:00am news.  If a delay of 2 hours is deemed necessary, please note the following:

  • Delays will be called for “all high schools in the Greater Bakersfield area”
  • Delays will not be called for individual high schools
  • Schools will operate on a regular schedule, unless otherwise notified
    1. In the event that a fog delay is called on a day that was scheduled as a Late Start, the Fog Delay schedule will be followed and the late start will be rescheduled
    2. Parents and students should follow local radio and television stations when weather conditions indicate the possibility of a delay
    3. You can also check for delays here:
  • In the event that the Kern High School District DOES NOT CALL A DELAY and the following School Districts do:

    • Frontier Bus Routes 10, 14 and 24 will be delayed 2 hours for all stops
    • Vista West Route 24 will be delayed 2 hours
    • AND Ruggenberg Career Center route 402 will be delayed 2 hours

2 Hour Fog Delay Schedule

Delay 7:35-9:35 

Period 1 9:35-10:12 

Period 2 10:18-10:55 

Period 3 11:01-11:41  (Announcements)

Period 4 L 11:41-12:19  (9/10)

Period 4 11:47-12:24 

Period 5 L 12:25-1:02  (11/12)

Period 6 1:08-1:46 

Period 7 1:52-2:30