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April 1st Announcements

ALL STUDENTS:  Reminder that May 22nd is the date you can view your proposed classes for next year.  Please do not put in a request to change anything at this point.  You may email your counselor your concerns.  We will address any changes after May 22nd.  Thank you for your understanding.


ROC Summer School…… ROC’s Summer School online application will be opening May 1st and will close May 31st.  Starting May 1st, students can apply for an ROC Summer School class at the ROC website just like they do for our fall classes.  Student applications will be time-stamped and we will fill our classes on a first come, first served basis. There are only a certain amount of spaces per class and we will admit students based on who shows up the first day and the order of when they completed the online application. If you have any questions/concerns about this please contact ROC at 831-3327.  We will remind you the last week of April. Programs being offered: firefighting, 3D animation, personal trainer (3 weeks- 6/3 - 6/21), and welding.


Seniors! There will be a BC registration workshop on April 4th for students who are eligible for priority registration. To be eligible, you must have completed the application and orientation when BC came to campus. Eligible students must be on campus on April 4th. You will be called out of class to register for your classes. If you have any questions or are unsure if you are eligible for priority registration, see Ms. Madrigal, in the career center.