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Winter Formal

Winter Formal
1/28/2023, 7:00 PM 11:00 PM
Mechanics Bank Convention Center

Frontier High School Dances

Students that purchase a ticket for any dance assume responsibility for abiding by
all Kern High School District and Frontier High School rules and policies.

In order to attend:
Student / Guest must not be suspended from school at the time of the dance
Student / Guest must not be on Attendance Step IV / Senior Attendance Policy Level 3 or higher
Student / Guest must bring their school ID or a driver’s license to the dance
No bags, purses, clutches or backpacks will be allowed into the dance. Should you have a medical reason to bring items to the dance, please contact Assistant Principal Jennifer Maddern for this request.

Frontier High School dances are considered school functions, and as such, Frontier has a strong interest in preventing the presence of controlled substances and weapons. Frontier also has a correspondingly strong interest that students not be in the possession of or under the influence of controlled substances when entering, traveling to, or participating in any school function. Based on the above, students’ persons and their belongings may be subject to search either through visual inspection or by a metal detector or wand. Students / Guests found under the influence or in possession of controlled substances or a weapon at a dance are subject to removal from the activity along with other disciplinary consequences. Kern High School District Police and campus supervisors will be present at all Frontier dances.

At the dance:
School dances are school functions, and as such, students are expected to dress and behave in ways that are appropriate for the school setting.
No inappropriate or suggestive dancing will be allowed
No dancing styles that simulate sex acts, bending over, or grinding
No dancing that threatens student safety

All students will receive a wristband upon entering the dance. If a student violates the above dance policy, the wristband will be removed. If a student violates the dance policy a second time, he/she will be immediately removed from the dance, without refund, and his/her parents will be notified. School personnel will make the final decision concerning appropriate dancing.

If a student / guest is asked to leave or is removed from a dance, for any reason, the student’s date may be asked to leave the dance / school site premises as well. Transportation is not the school’s responsibility.

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